(As specified on the title deed/lease agreement)



  1. Access for two (2) months will be granted at every extension.
  2. A new Contractor Extension Form must be completed to renew access to the Estate every two (2) months. A fee will not be charged for this.
  3. Contractor Extension Forms must be signed by the owner and the supervisor/manager of the company.
  4. In cases where the contractor is working at a new address a signed letter/email written by the owner of the property where the contractor will be working must be attached to the Contractor Extension Form, a description and duration of the project/work done included. Re-registration will be required and the registration fee of R70.00 to be paid. No Contractor Extensions/Re-registration’s will be processed without the aforesaid letter.
  5. Strictly only those individuals listed on the contractor form will be extended.
  6. Access for anyone not listed above will be cancelled and archived.
  7. Cancelled/Archived contractors will be required to re-register.
  8. The fee for access registration is R50.00 (subject to change without notice). Photo copies will be charged at R5.00 per page.